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Wow, just wow!  What a privilege to be able to watch the most anticipated film in years in a room full of other fans alongside the cast and crew. The Universal team put huge efforts into making the whole event a spectacle, so a big thanks must go to them.

First and foremost, you will not be disappointed. Between them, Erika and Sam Taylor Johnson have managed to put together the best possible adaptation of the book onto screen.  It totally delivers. The naysayers who said Jamie wasn’t right as Christian or Dakota was wrong for Anastasia are going to be eating their words; Dakota in particular absolutely knocks it out of the park as Ana.

My first impression of the film was that it was much more playful than I expected and it’s so funny!  Dakota’s comic timing and her facial expressions are brilliant, and she captures the innocence of Ana beautifully. There are a number of laugh out loud moments, when we as the audience know the ‘in’ jokes – what Christian is buying in the hardware store for example. Huge cheers also went up in the theatre when we hear the iconic lines, it was great!

The early scenes in the film  focus on the tension and the sensuality between the pair, just as it should be. The sex scenes do heat up over the course of the film though and boy do they heat up *fans self*

I was lucky enough to see the film twice and it was during the second viewing I was able to appreciate Jamie’s performance more. I loved him being all conquering Christian in his domineering billionaire role but as we all know, it’s really Ana that wields the power in this relationship. Jamie portrays Christian’s vulnerability and his need for Ana very convincingly.

All in all, I was hugely impressed with the result. Having met Dana Brunetti (top bloke) I can see that Erika has surrounded herself with good people and it shows. They’ve done a magnificent job and they should be rightly proud of the film they’ve released.

If you enjoyed the books, you’ll love the film. I cant wait to go see it again, and again… and again!

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E L James Tesco Christmas Collection

A little later than originally hoped, I finally tracked down the Fifty Shades Christmas Collection at Tesco. They didn’t have the whole range in but it’s available on-line here

The fabrics are gorgeous and the detailing is exquisite. Any lucky recipients of these at Christmas are really going to feel like they’ve got a luxury product. My favourites are the Hard Limits / Soft Limits knicker set, they’re a  greyt idea for a stocking filler. I bought a couple of the eye masks for future giveaways :)




Fifty Shades: One Year On

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Fifty Shades Anniversary Poem


Fifty Shades One Year On..

I can’t believe a year has passed since reading Fifty Shades.
My family is still dealing with the impact that it made.

No dinners cooked, no laundry done, the house went all to pot.
Three silver books were my whole life, I simply couldn’t stop.

Christian Grey and Ana Steele consumed my waking hours.
Would she sign the contract when she wanted ‘Hearts & Flowers’?

I loved their email banter, their fights and make ups too.
And in the Red Room, goodness me, there’s stuff I never knew!

The Tie, The Mask, The Key (or cuffs), through all three tomes I rushed.
My knees nipped tight together and my face a little flushed.

Their tale was ❤ LOVE ❤ and romance, ’twas this that held us captive.
It was just an added bonus that their sex life was so active.

I finished Freed and was distraught – an addict needing more.
I went online and trawled the net. Where was number four?

A fruitless search, but found instead some other greysessed girls.
Hurrah! I wasn’t on my own. My Inner Goddess twirled.

I spent hours and hours AND HOURS, sourcing funny pics.
Photos of amazing cakes and Red Room Lego bricks!

Book signing queues and Twitter meet ups, Christmas parties off the chart.
The year’s had so much in it, from Silver Balls to Art.

But best of all, are friends I’ve made through reading Fifty Shades.
So heartfelt thanks & GREYt big hugs, go out to E L James xx

E L James cartoon

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E L James Cartoon

Hello Fellow Fifty Shades Fans!

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The Fifty Shades Trilogy - UK Front Covers


Welcome to the brand spanking (oh yes) new Laters Baby site. As you may already know I’m a huge devotee of E L James’ Fifty Shades trilogy and had the good fortune to meet some fabulous people (including the good lady herself), in person and online who are equally besotted with the books. I hope to meet more of you here!

There are many of us who wish to discuss the books, weigh up the merits of the various actors and actresses bandied about for the roles in the films, admire (cough ahem) the physiques of said actors and the like, all of which can take place here. I only ask that you keep the language and content relatively PG. E L James set a marvellous example of writing explicitly without being distasteful, and I’d like us to continue in that vein.

Many thanks and have fun!

Laters Baby xx