Jennifer Trouton – Artist

Looking at the Overlooked

A signed, limited edition Giclée print by Jennifer Trouton

Giclee Print



Trouton mentioned in book


For those of you who are not familiar with Jennifer’s connection with the Fifty Shades story, her work is mentioned in the first book when Ana goes to interview Christian in his office.




Looking at the Overlooked - CompleteJennifer is a personal friend of E L James and actually forgot Erika asked if it was okay to mention ‘Looking at the Overlooked’ in the book when she was first writing it! She’s already an established name in the art world but being included in the book brought recognition from a much wider audience. The original piece was of 304 small canvasses as shown here, however she decided to select 36 out of the 304 to create a high quality giclee print. It’s a limited edition of only 850 prints and each one is numbered and signed. Erika has no.50 (of course!)





This is what the print looks like framed.

It’s an amazing piece of Fifty Shades history for those of us lucky enough to own one.




A first and only limited print release of Trouton’s work is available for a short time only at


Bio: Jennifer Trouton is a visual artist currently based in Queen Street Studios in Belfast.


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