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Welcome to my Fifty Shades of Grey fan site. I’m a huge devotee of E L James’ Fifty Shades trilogy and had the good fortune to meet some fabulous people (including the good lady herself), in person and on-line who are equally besotted with the books. I’m very honoured to have been invited to join #OfficialFifty

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There are many of us who wish to discuss the books, weigh up the merits of the various actors and actresses bandied about for the roles in the films, admire (cough ahem) the physiques of said actors and the like, all of which can take place here. I only ask that you keep the language and content relatively PG. E L James set a marvellous example of writing explicitly without being distasteful, and I’d like us to continue in that vein.

I read the Fifty Shades Trilogy after a recommendation from a friend who visited the States at Easter; she’d seen the hype over there and STRONGLY (correct use of shouty capitals) suggested our book club read them. I did, and instantly became utterly bewitched, bedazzled and besotted with everything Fifty Shades. I set up a Facebook page, Twitter account and a website to indulge my fascination, and have met the wonderful E L James twice at a book signing and also in a gallery (see below). I’ve also met some other fabulous Fifty Shades fanatics, both in person and online, and hope to meet more as they join the ‘Laters Baby’ community and share the FSoG love!


Waterstones Book Signing Sept 2012

Here are a few pics of the booksigning in September 2012. My t-shirt generated quite a lot of interest!  I took our beloved author an engraved spoon with ‘Erika’s Nutella Spoon’ on it and a jar of it of course. I was quite surprised when she ripped it open and tucked in straight away :)


In May 2013 I had the honour of being invited to Jennifer Trouton‘s preview night in London and after the worlds worst car journey I was rewarded with dinner with the lovely Jennifer and her friends – which included our favourite author E L James! Best. Night. Ever.

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Many thanks and have fun!

Laters Baby xx


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