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What to read after Fifty Shades

I often get asked for suggestions of books to read after finishing Fifty Shades of Grey. Here are a few I’ve read and enjoyed, please feel free to offer more alternatives.

Since Christian and Ana, I’ve also been introduced to the delights of:


The Unidentified RedheadThe Redhead Revealed

The Unidentified Redhead‘ and ‘The Redhead Revealed‘ by Alice Clayton run FSoG close to being my favourite books of last year. The two main characters have such chemistry and as well as the hot steamy scenes, they’ll have you laughing out loud too. Alice’s new book ‘Wallbangeris out now and already a ‘must read’ if you’re an erotic romance fan. And you’ll get to meet Clive  :)



Gabriel@s RaptureGabriel's Inferno

Gabriel’s Inferno‘ and ‘Gabriel’s Rapture‘ by Sylvain Reynard introduce us to The Professor. Despite him being a bit of an arse to begin with he does win you over and you really care about the outcome. A lovely story and very well written, more of a sensual slowburner but very compelling. Definitely get these on your reading list. They’re on my ‘to read again’ list!



Seduction and Snacks

Futures and Frosting

Seduction and Snacks‘ and the follow up ‘Futures and Frosting‘ by Tara Sivec are quite simply a must read in my opinion. Claire and Carter are fabulous characters and the dialogue is brilliant; the one liners had me guffawing out loud. It has romance, hotness, humour and chocolate – what more can you ask for? The third and final instalment ‘Troubles and Treats‘ give us Drew & Jenny’s story once they’ve had kids and want to put the spark back in their marriage.   



Beautiful Disaster


Beautiful Disaster‘ by Jamie McGuire. Travis Maddox is the bad boy on campus, intrigued by Abby’s resistance to his charms. If you like a tattooed bad boy – this is the one for you. The follow up ‘Walking Disaster‘ is out soon, and can be pre-ordered. Cant wait!




Bared to YouReflected in YouBared to You‘ by Sylvia Day, and the follow up ‘Reflected in You‘. Rich billionaire Gideon Cross wants the girl who isn’t sure if it’s a good idea. Sound familiar? The books are well penned and you may feel a teensy bit like you’re being unfaithful to Christian when you fall for Gideon’s charms :)  Her next one is out in paperback May 2013 too – keep an eye out for ‘Entwined with You‘ also available for pre-order.




Please do offer up recommendations of Erotic Romance novels you’ve enjoyed in the comments box below. I’d really like to know what other books to read, and I’m sure there are plenty of others who would too. Dont be shy!


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  • latersbabyuk says:

    A friend of mine has suggested ‘The Haven of Obedience’ by Marina Anderson. Have any of you read that?

  • Sami says:

    If you want a good read, please try The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle. It’s a great read and the sequel Wethering The Storm is out on December 21 2012! Check it out on Amazon now :)

  • latersbabyuk says:

    Bared to You/Reflected in You
    Love Unscripted/Love Unrehearsed
    Gabriel’s Inferno/Gabriel’s Raputure
    Backstage Pass/Rock Hard/Double Time
    On Dublin Street
    The Marriage Bargin/The Marriage Trap
    The Mighty Storm
    Anything He Wants Part 1,2,3,4,5

    (Thanks to the What to Read After Fifty Shades Book Club)

  • kerrina says:

    I would highly recommend tiffany reisz….the siren, the prince, the angel and the misteress.
    Once you start you can not put them down! You get drawn into the world of submissive and dom’s!

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