Laters Baby Collection

Stocking Fillers!

Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey

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Grow A Mr Grey


Place Mr Grey in a large glass and submerge fully in cold water. Grow a Mr Grey will begin to grow within 2 hours and will be full size in 72 hours and reverts to normal size when removed from water. Your Mr Grey can be grown again and again!






Inner Goddess JournalInspired by the #1 New York Times Bestselling Trilogy, the Official FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: Inner Goddess Journal is a beautiful blank book designed for keeping a journal or writing notes. It features a foreword by E L James, brief excerpts from the novels, tips for writers, a writing playlist, elegant color artwork, and fully lined pages throughout.


Waiting For Mr Grey choc

‘Waiting for Mr Grey’.. a chocolate bar that will satisfy you until Christian shows up!





Twinings Compartment box


Ideal for Ana, and any Twinings Tea fan. These compartment boxes are are perfect for safely storing and presenting your English Breakfast tea. The also have a teabag tidy that would make a stocking filler for those of us that like the bag out!



Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game


The Official 50 Shades of Grey Party Game lets you find out how your friends see you and reveals how you see them. Everyone listens to the question before secretly voting on which friend they believe is the best match to the answer. Each ‘correct’ answer wins an ‘Inner Goddess’ token. First to 20 tokens wins.


Laters baby mug


Official Laters Baby mug  – I have one of these (of course!) and it has special cleaning instructions from Mrs Jones on the bottom!




Playroom Key

Official Key to the Playroom by Peers Hardy

More to come – will be updated soon!