Our last day (boooo) included a trip up the Columbia Tower, a Fifty Burger & a send off by the Blue Angels



In the morning we went to the Fairmont (thanks again Sue @MsSueS for the use of your room) for a guided facial. Then jumped on a ferry over to Bainbridge Island for a wine tasting, an auction and a nice al fresco meal. Back to Seattle for a photo op outside Escala and onto the Hard Rock Cafe for our Masquerade Party.

We had a 3 hour road trip to Portland to see The Heathman where we got to ride in the famous elevator and have a look round the hotel. We were joined by Lisa @50shadesgirlpdx who took us on a tour of Portland and showed us the additional sites from the book. The kerb where Ana was almost run over by a cyclist, the coffee shop she went to with Christian, Nordstrom where Taylor bought Ana’s new blue underwear and Voodoo Doughnuts. Back in Seattle Crissy, Mags, Maureen & I met up with Lori @iguestinfo & Lisa @tinglytweets at the Zig Zag cafe mentioned in the books.

My first day in Seattle started with a walk down to Pike Place Market to see the touristy sights there incl. the first Starbucks, the chewing gum wall, the fish throwers etc. Then after a hearty breakfast with Mags @magslatersbaby & Crissy @50latersbaby at Biscuit Bitch we headed off to the airfield for our Charlie Tango experience which was AMAZING! We got to see all the military aircraft landing close up as well as have a brilliant time on our helicopter trip. Lunch at the Space Needle was lovely but I had to rush off to meet up with Lori @iguestinfo. Her friend Dan lives in Escala and she very kindly arranged for him to give me a tour. It’s every bit as amazing as you’d imagine. In the evening we had the first ‘Meet & Greet’ which was fun then went over to the Fairmont Hotel for cocktails. Awesome day.