Raising the Ordinary to Extraordinary


Jennifer is the artist who created the piece of work referred to in the first book when Ana

goes to interview Christian and spots an exquisite arrangement of small paintings.

The section of the book where Ana spots the beautiful art work by Trouton

The section of the book where Ana spots the beautiful art work by Trouton


E L James first saw the piece of work called ‘Looking at the Overlooked’ in 2006 and the pair became friends.

The original has three hundred small paintings which Erika scaled down to thirty six for the book.

This inspired Jennifer to issue a limited edition giclee print featuring 36 of the 300 as shown here:

Giclee Print

Only 850 prints have been issued and Erika of course proudly owns No.50!

She posted a photo on Twitter of it framed on her wall at home – see below.

It is still possible to get a piece of Fifty Shades history¬†for yourself as there are currently still prints available (correct at time of publishing). Just click on the artist’s website.


Proudly displayed at home


I was very lucky and have secured one for myself. Now I just need to choose between a white frame or a dark one…



More info:

An interview with Jennifer by Lori at Sister-Talk @iguestinfo


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See a preview on the press release from Cadsawan (the designer) here:

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Fifty Shades of Grey Fine Jewelry

Fifty Shades of Grey Fine Jewelry